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The Zealous Soul EIIR Methodology

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What is Movement Therapy?

Movement therapy is a Holistic approach to Performance Enhancement & Injury Prevention. It bridges the gap between Fitness and Crisis care. During our sessions we will hold space to teach you strategies, while also giving you real time feedback.

This container is designed to help you develop your own Mindful Movement Practice.

You'll learn to work with the following pillars:

Self-regulation (energy tracking, maintenance and breathwork).

Physical activity (stretching, strength and conditioning).

Injury and burnout prevention (recovery, healing, mindset).

Performance enhancement (personal development, and strategy).

Mindful Movement Practice

1:1 Movement Audit

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    "My goal on this 30 day detox was to get healthier and lose weight so I could pass my PT test. Today I passed the test and even though I'm still over the Army weight standards, I passed the body fat test. I've lost 10 pounds, feel better, and have more energy. I couldn't have done it without my personal trainer TayFit.


    I feel GREAT!! I have never been able to work 5 nights straight 3rd shift!! 3 was my Max! And this past weekend I was able to enjoy everything without getting tired! I am so glad I did this! Thanks so much. Down two holes in my belt, my pants are falling off!