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We are a Holistic Wellness company specializing in physical health education. We add value to High Performers how to invest in their health daily through concepts though Moovmnt.

What is Moovmnt? It is the shifting of energy through physical activity, breathwork, and mental agility. Our BodyWorkshops promote health & wellness overtime by providing you with the information and techniques to develop a daily practice that is

Simple, Efficient & Realistic.

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Are you a Zealous Soul?

To be a Zealous Soul is to be committed to creating the best version of yourself.

Each of us has a special Soul Blend of values:

1. I fill up my cup, and serve others from the overflow (Self-first)

2. Get Your Mind Right  (align the MindBodySpirit) 

3. Make It Work (do the best you can, with what you have, in pursuit of something better)

4. Optimize performance (operate at the highest & most efficient capacity)

5. Extend the grace you’ve always received (share the lessons you wish someone had shared with you)

6. WIN the day (an opportunity to learn is a WIN, success is a WIN) 

7. Knowledge is clarity (my intelligence will not come second, to my ever changing emotions)

8. The landscape will speak to you (Mama Nature tells all, patience is a virtue) 

9. Progress the legacy (contribute to the Tribe by growing with the Tribe)

10. I am the epitome of Divine Creation (everything is working together for my good)


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