About us



Zealous Soul is a Holistic Moovmnt tribe of High Performers, seeking Self-Progression, by Optimizing Productivity to improve quality of life. 

We specialize in physical health, offering organizational and personal wellness coaching. 

Our tribe consist of: youth, athletes, entrepreneurs, educators, military veterans, perinatal parents, and those experiencing chronic health dysfunctions.

We work with you to consider your experiences and develop a wellness strategy to promote health & wellness overtime. 

Rooted in the belief that no one should have to go through life alone. Our tribe is here to listen, talk and support you on your wellness journey. 

Welcome to the Tribe! 


Meet the Founder

Taylor "Coach Tay" McKoy, is the Founder and lead Moovmnt Therapist at  Zealous Soul. Tay graduated Cum Laude from the University of North Carolina at Pembroke in 2017, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise and Sport Science: Exercise Physiology. As well as, became a Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist in 2020. 

    With over a decade of study, Tay has constantly observed that high performers come in many forms and walks of life, yet not everyone is operating at optimal efficiency. Her methods will help you create a clear strategy to improve your health & wellness over time. 
    Tay has set out to cultivate dialogue in safe spaces to learn, explore and grow the MindBodySpirit connection.


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