About us



Zealous Soul is a Holistic wellness company designed for High Performers seeking Self-Progression. We teach physical wellness concepts for you to develop a daily practice that is Simple, Efficient and Realistic. 

We help you Moov Better with our VIP personal wellness coaching and  VIP Wellness workshops for your performance driven organizations.

**All services are virtual at this time**

Our growing tribe consist of: youth, athletes, entrepreneurs, educators, military active duty, veterans and spouses.

We work with you to evaluate your experiences and develop a wellness strategy to promote health & wellness overtime. 

Rooted in the belief that no one should have to go through life alone. Our tribe is here to listen, talk and support you on your wellness journey. 

Welcome to the Tribe! 


Meet the Founder

Taylor "TayFit" McKoy, is the Founder and lead Movement Specialist at  Zealous Soul. With over a decade of study, throughout her experiences in customer service, car sales and public education, Tay has consistently observed that high performers come in many forms and from various walks of life, yet there is often a common deficit among all of the Greatness.



This usually looks like sacrificing self-care and health for the advancement of other aspects of life. The thing is, this path ultimately leads to burnout and a lack of energy and health necessary to enjoy the life we've worked so hard to create. 
She has developed the Zealous Soul EIIR Methodology to Moov Better so you can create a clear strategy to improve your health & wellness over time. 
Tay has set out to cultivate dialogue about health in safe spaces to learn, explore and grow the MindBodySpirit connection.
Credentials: Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise & Sport Science: Exercise Physiology (Cum Laude).
Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist NC-#19078
Masters in Sport Science & Rehabilitation (pending Summer 2021).