Organizational Training


Are your team members constantly calling out sick ? Has the pandemic and uncertainty sucked all of the fun and livelihood out of your daily performance... OR was it like that before & when we all were forced to slow down, and sit with ourselves... you realized you're tired mentally AND physically?👀
Chances are, if one person on your team feels like this...they're not alone, because we are a reflection of our environments.

The bright side ? Y'all DON'T have to stay there, apply for a BodyWorkshop where your whole team can learn:

  •  how to self-identify signs of mental & physical fatigue


  • how to Moov Better in relation to daily practices

Why bother ? 

What happens when you take the time to read a manufacturer manual? You learn the tricks to optimize your return on investment.

 Everyone on your team has a body, and I'm here to teach you Simple, Efficient & Realistic concepts, to optimize energy AND increase productivity!

Our BodyWorkshops are just that...Work. We've taken a decade of study and created an ELITE approach to promote health & wellness overtime. However, it won't work unless You do! 

Commit to being consistent, in the pursuit of being better, as individuals and a team.

What you can expect from  A Day with Coach Tay:

  • Wellness Audit (workplace ergonomics, identifying wellness opportunities within daily practices)
  • Education of physical health concepts and training on techniques to integrate into daily practices

**Workshops are interactive and will be best experienced with athletic type apparel.