Virtual Group Coaching

Virtual Group Coaching

Have you plateaued in your health & wellness journey? 

Are you just getting started ? 

Either way our Virtual Group Coaching will provide you with the information to make better decisions in pursuit of your health & wellness goals.

Tap In & develop a strategy that will help you see a clearer path to where you're trying to go. Forget the “fad diets” and the “go hard or go harder” burnout mentality

Often it's a shift in perspective that opens the door to the opportunities we've been asking for. Spend two months learning to reframe your approach to physical health from:

  •  Instant gratification ( “I’m gonna lose 10lbs so I can look cute in this dress”) 


  • Progressive and consistent wins (“I’m pursuing long term health, not only do I look good, I FEEL GREAT!)
How does it work? 

This is a 6 week intensive coaching program. Followed by 2 weeks of bonus support [ total of 8 weeks access]. 

I'll provide you with the education & guidance  necessary to develop a personal strategy to make better decisions on your health & wellness journey. 

You do the work to create the transformation & grow into the results.

This program includes:

  • Education regarding physical health and wellness for long-term integration & application
  • Biweekly Stretch & Moovmnt Yoga  classes and early access to content 
  • Group office hours for up to  90 min session bi-weekly 
  • Physical Moovmnt Screening, we analyze your dynamic (walking, squatting etc.) &  static (sitting, lying down) postures and provide recommendations

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