Personal Wellness




As a High Performer are you always ON? Looking for ways to turn OFF?  Remember, the human brain is the most innovative equipment in the WORLD, and if you don’t reset....your bound to have dysfunction sooner or later. Ultimately, that poses the HIGHEST risk for all of your assets. 


If you're anything like I was at one time, being able to turn “off” and not think of the gazillion things on the “to-do list” sounds like a galaxy so far away, but it’s doable I promise. Let's take a quick assessment:


Are you not fitting those clothes like you used to? 

Energy just not overflowing like it could be ? 

Feeling fatigued and not sure if it's your mind, body or both ? 


Are you not able to enjoy the time with your family the way you desire?

 Are you wanting to make changes but feel overwhelmed at the thought of making “healthy” decisions to reach your goals?  

Do you wish you just had a Simple, Efficient & Realistic template to follow instead ?


Don't trip. Coach Tay, got you. 


Apply for a BodyWorkshop that is focused on all things YOU.


 I'm talking about, full health history (yes, as long as you've been alive or as far back as you can remember) , current daily activities, the things you do like, the things you can't stand, ALL THE THINGS!


I’m calling ya to say: *in my Ciara voice* LEVEL UP!


How you gonna do that ? ASSESS | SYNTHESIZE | PERFOM

I will complete a lifestyle wellness audit:

  •  all the things you share with me (the more the better)
  • the goals you want to achieve
  • identify opportunities for growth 

Identify the connections between past & current habits in relation to where you want to go. Provide you with:

  • Simple, Efficient & Realistic recommendations in an organized and easy to read document

that you can apply & adapt to your daily performance for…. The Rest of Your LIFE !

 Oh yea, because I know you're probably holding some physical tension, I'll assess your Static postures (sitting, standing etc.) & Mooving patterns (walking, squatting etc.) too!

(If you decide to get a personal trainer, share this & they will declare you the best client EVER)

****This workshop nor its findings are intended to diagnose any health conditions of team members. See your primary physician for any such needs.*****