What is #TTimeWTay ? & Why you should care.

Heeey y'all!

I'm Taylor McKoy but you can call me Tay.  I am the lead Movement Specialist  here at Zealous Soul. After years of study I've realized there is no one size fits all approach to health and wellness. We all are unique, experiencing life and learning from our own perspectives.

We often hear, that we fear the unknown.

No wonder we can look up one day, and not recognize ourselves. Leaving us afraid, frozen and or lost when trying to rediscover and recreate the better version of ourselves.

I come bearing Great News though! It ain't gotta be like this . We don't have to burn out and start at ground zero every time something new comes our way. 

The beauty of life is that we can share our experiences and truths to grow not only ourselves, but also to help shine light for others along the way. Sharing our stories creates an opportunity to pass on the "medicine" of techniques, lessons and wisdom.

#TTimeWTay is a multimedia platform that encourages us to develop a daily practice of self-study. The best way to love yourself, is to learn yourself.

That means to experience self-progression, we must increase self-awareness.

So how do we do that?

By taking a good look, at our thoughts, actions, motives, beliefs, habits and everything in between, from an objective lens. No judgment, but for sure, acknowledgement and a desire to make daily progress toward moving better than we did before.  

This, is how we cultivate self love! Everybody likes to talk about self-care and self-love, like it's just a doordash order away. Nah fam, just like loving anyone else, and probably more so...self-love is a decision, a process and if you've been around long enough to go through a thing or two, it ain't always easy. It is however, necessary to create the best version of yourself.

It is my intention to use this platform to share my truth with you and provide a space to reflect, learn, share and grow. Feedback is encouraged, but please be kind and mindful in the comments. Let me know if anything resonates with you or if there any topics you wish to read and or hear about.

May the dialogue serve you well, in your commitment to create, the Best Version of You!

If something resonates with you drop #ZSTribe to let me know we tappin' in. 

How do you show yourself some love? Share with me in the comments below.

Blessings to you,




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