What is #TTimewithTay

Heeey y'all!


My name is Taylor McKoy, but you can call me Tay. I am the Founder and Wellness Program Coordinator at Zealous Soul. TTimewithTay is a multimedia platform that encourages self-awareness, self-reflection, and self-development because those are the foundations to self love!

The beauty of life is that we can share our experiences, truth and lessons to grow ourselves and help shine light for others along the way. 

I will use this platform to share my truth with you and provide a space for others to share theirs as well. Feedback is encouraged, but please be kind and mindful in the comments. Let us know if anything resonates with you or if there any topics you wish to read and or hear about.

May the dialogue serve you well, in your commitment to create, the Best Version of You! (#BVOY) 

Follow me on Instagram @coach.tay_ to join the dialogue! 

If something resonates with you drop #BVOY to help me know which topics show you love.

Blessings to you,

-The Zealous Soul

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